Saturday, March 20, 2010

I say it's love...

...Alisha just called me. WE'RE GOING TO SEE SUGARLAND IN MAYYY!!! YESSSSSS! I thought the concert was sold out so I didn't bother to look into tickets. So pumped! What a great day.

JOSH CAME HOME TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg finally!! That seemed like the longest week long cruise of my life! I missed you so much babe! :) Life is back in order<3

Last night Jess and I found ourselves at Patriot Place for a few too many icy beverages, and next thing I know, I'm home back at Jess' apartment creeping the Patriots roster. Why you ask? Well, we hung out with 4 guys for a majority of the night who were being so shady saying they were all in town for a Plumbers Convention- turns out they're all Patriots players. AND- I told them they were a joke and I didn't want to hang out with them anymore, so I went to hang w/ my guy friends on the other side of the bar.

WAY TO GO, JEN. Jess later asked them what their shady deal was, and they were like "ok ok we play for the Pats but DON'T SAY ANYTHING we don't want a scene." And surer than shit, it was confirmed via the Patriots 2010 roster. Wahoo. They live in Jess' apt complex though and we will attempt to hang with them again next time I go to visit her. YAY

Today was massive basement overhaul post flooding. I have never thrown away so much shit in my life, and we're only about 45% done. OH MY GOD. It's gonna cost like $600 to have all this stuff hauled away. It's about time we did this! My achin' back. lol

Prior to the basement cleanup, I laid out on the deck with my book and got TAN LINES. What a freakin' gorgeous day. Who could ask for anything better than 70 and sunny in March?! So sunkisseddd<3 Also bought some gorgeous orange tulips today to celebrate the first day of spring!

Round 2 down in the basement tomorrow so I stayed in tonight to rest up. Oh well. anddd it's always on the nights I decide I'm to beat to go out that people start coming out of the wood work and want to get wild! :(

Time to On Demand a movie and snug in bed w/ some wine :o)

Adios! xo

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Julie said...

You would. How do you manage your life?