Friday, December 19, 2008

Hi again friends-

for those of you against sprawl in your local area... watch this news clip! I'm in the video... back left corner in the cream northface jacket :)

stop sprawl! save the forests!


So that's it. My last fall semester of college. Completed as of today! YESSSS. This was by far the hardest, yet best semester of my life. I think I got all A's. :)

Drove home tonight around 7 and went to the bar with Michelle and Britt. Raynham might not be Amherst, but as long as I have my girls, that's all that matters... and that's something I came to realize tonight. <3

I'm gonna miss everyone at school though for the next few weeks! Ah! I had a job interview at a day spa yesterday which seemed to go very well... hopefully I'll hear back from them soon. I need money!!!

Huge blizzard coming tomorrow? Kinda bummed since I was gonna go to Newport and or Boston for the night... we'll see what happens... but I am pretty excited to get snowed in and relax after the ridiculous past 2 weeks of school work. Hopefully my family doesn't drive me crazyyy! Hmm, maybe I'll get some hot chocolate and peppermint schnapps tomorrow morning before the flakes come... ;)

Hope everyone has a safe and fun snow day!

Ciao amici!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Miracle Drug

Whoever said senior year of college was a breeze is a liar! Senior year is no joke!! Yeesh! I'm up to my neck in papers, projects, and exams... but hey, it's almost over :)

Woke up at 7 this morning and it was snowing out!!! yay!!! If it's going to be freezing out it might as well be snowing, right? So I watched the snow out my window and danced around listening to Christmas music hehe

I'm debating if I want to go out and buy the Dark Knight that just came out on DVD today... I still haven't seen it!

So much more work to do tonight... if I was prescribed Adderall aaalll the time, I'd be valedictorian.

Time for a quick nap before getting down to business! Ciao!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

When going through hell, keep going...

Feeling much better today... sorry for the angry posts! haha Classes are finishing up and it's time for finals. Papers, projects, tests... yikes!!! I just got my Econ midterm handed back today and I got a 100 on it??? Awesome.

Ran errands with Kaleigh today after classes and then did a mani and pedi :) Now it's time to hit the gym and go tanning before the bars tonight. I love getting my work done early!


*PS: Welcome new blog follower Carolyn :) Thanks for reading!