Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Karma's a bitch, well, sort of!

so with all the fuss about people saying "FML" (F My Life) and the fmylife.com website, when my girlfriend Elisa had an away message up on aim saying "My parents decided to have "family night" and get 4 EMC box seats behind home plate at the Sox game. They invited my boyfriend instead of me... FML." I figured it was just taken off the website and she thought it was comical. It turned out to be true, that her boyfriend Sean (my roomie!) was home working for her Mother for the day and they took him to the game instead of her. The game got rained out. F HIS life. aahahah love karma :) Sorry Seany.

Since there aren't any games on for me to watch tonight, I decided to pop the valedictorian drug and get some school work done. Waiting for it to kick in is the hardest part... so I figured I'd blog to kill some time.

Yesterday was a great day to be from Boston- in the words of Jerry T from barstoolsports.com:
"The Sox win. The Bruins win. The Celts win. I believe some Kenyans won something too. And it all happens on Patriots Day. One of those days when you’re glad you’re not living in Kansas City or Minnesota or New York or some other jerkwater sports town where this stuff never happens."

Going to UConn on Friday for their spring weekend. This will be my fourth consecutive year attending, and I'd say I probably have more love for UConn spring weekend than some of their actual students. Can't wait to see Julie and the girls, eat Srgt Pep's pizza 'til I wanna puke, drink 60 Natty Lights, anddd break some poor dudes' hearts. Oh college...

Anyone catch the Miss USA pageant the other night? (click here if not- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eOa_9ftwlbM&feature=player_embedded ) What in the world was going on through Miss California's dumb blonde brain that night? For those of you who missed the action: Perez Hilton (gossip extroirdonaire from http://perezhilton.com/ who is homosexual in orientation) was on the judges panel and asked her, "With the recent legalization of same sex marriages in Vermont, do you think the rest of the US should legalize gay marriage?" ... her response? That she was raised that men and women are to get married, and that's how it should be. (All said with a smile of course.)
....ARE YOU NUTS? DO YOU WANT TO WIN???? Aren't those pageants all about world peace and what idiot people watching/judging want to hear?? Why wouldn't she suck it up and say what she thought Perez wanted to hear? This is why you lost. Not because you weren't pretty enough, or smart enough... but because you're an idiot. Period. I don't even feel bad.

I also wanted to rant about the Slumdog Millionaire star's dad trying to sell her but the wonderpill has kicked in and I wanna do my homework... all I can say is, what is the world coming to?!

Quote of the day:
"The good neighbor looks beyond the external accidents and discerns those inner qualities that make all men human, and therefore, brothers." -MLK Jr.


Monday, April 13, 2009

just another manic monday

funny pictures of cats with captions
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-got 3 hours of sleep
-the dog i've been dogsitting since friday ate an entire medium pizza while i was at class this morning and somehow dumped/ate it on my white down comforter and spilt garlic sauce all over the blanket and floor
-i brought the sheets in to the laundromat, and somehow a ton of rust got all over my blanket
-the laundromat manager said they'll dry clean it for me but somehow i don't think RUST comes out of fabric...

how's your day?

Monday, April 6, 2009


523. May 23rd. 2009. The end of the road. Goodbye western Mass, hello out on my ass. Ha, I mean... hello graduation from college! It seems like just yesterday I was leading my 7th grade spelling team into the championship... (stop laughing!!!) As the countdown is now in double digits, I have begun to wonder: What happens after May 23rd?

This summer I am going to "live the dream" one last time or something and be working in Newport again which is what I've loved most about my summers for the past 2 years. While most people who work there think I am nuts for loving my job so much, I don't see one reason why I shouldn't! Great co-workers, hilarious stress, strange birds coming in and out daily (sometimes LITERALLY birds...), and amazing nightlife that follows me punching out at the end of the day.

This past week I have been receiving phone calls from random numbers which I chose to let go to voicemail because I tend to give my number out at the bars WAY too often... I listened to my messages and remembered the 900 psych jobs I applied to on CareerBuilder.com over the past month. I have gotten a few phone calls and emails from The May Institute which is an amazing opportunity. MI has locations all around Massachusetts and in other states as well... and pays for their employees to get their masters degree in psychology at select universities, one of which is Northeastern! While I feel that it would be a great decision to call Polina back at extension 217 immediately, am I really ready to jump into a career in the psych field and go to grad school ALREADY??? I'm still 21. I'm still an [occasionally] irresponsible drunken kid! Is there some point in every college kid with a bachelor's degree's life that they wake up and say, "OK! I'm ready to sit in an office for the rest of my life making the big bucks! Bring it on!" ???

In the fall do I stay at home and get some hotel or psych job or something and live with Mum and Dad and save up my money to later on buy a sweet new car, a sick pad in Beantown, and pay for grad school? Do I immediately move to Boston and get a job there and live on my own so I don't go crazy? Should I have ALREADY applied to grad school? Should I go immediately? What the hell man. Some days I wish I had a crystal ball...