Wednesday, February 4, 2009

All I Ever Need to Know In Life I Learned from Full House.

YOU GOT IT DUDE! Yep, Full House is my all time favorite show. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't catch double episodes of it at noon and 3pm everyday. Hell sometimes I even skip class to watch it... I think I've gotten more life lessons out of this corny show that I have out of my entire highschool and college career...

-Double the C double the S, and you'll always have "Success." I will never forget how to spell that freaking word.
-Never leave the keys in your car with an unattended child, as your car WILL get backed up accidentally through the kitchen wall.
-Do not starve yourself to look good for a pool party and then go to the gym not having eaten anything because you will faint. Way to go, Chipmunk Cheeks!
-Do not go skydiving on the day of your wedding because you need "one last adventure" because honey, the adventure is just BEGINNING! <3
-Pre-planned Clipboards of Fun do not always keep you on task... or on the right island.
-It is a bad idea to get into the car of 2 wreckless teenage boys you meet at the mall because you can and WILL be hospitalized. Sorry, Gia :(
-If you can't choose your best man, have two of them.
-It is advised to wear oven mits on your hands when coming down with the chicken pox.
-When trying to play spin the bottle at your 13th birthday party, make sure you close the vents.
-Pretending to like cars just because a guy you dig likes cars will not get you a hunky boyfriend. You will get hung up on.
-No matter how mad you are at a loved one, never go to bed angry.
-When babysitting, allowing a kid to watch Arachnophobia will shut him up.
-Even though it might seem like the right thing to do to keep a secret about a friend being abused at home, telling someone about it is the best thing you can do for them, even if they're mad at you for a while.
-When the boy you have a crush on is playing on the opposing team in baseball, him asking you to blow the game so HE can look good does NOT foreshadow an amazing future boyfriend.
-Sneaking into movies and lying to your dad will NOT increase your allowance by $2.50.
-When you catch your friends drinking outside of the school dance, do NOT hold the beer in your hand to make fun of them. You will get framed.

Lastly and most important... Always laugh at yourself before other people have the chance. If you can't laugh at yourself, life's going to seem a hell of a lot longer.

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silvergirl said...

I love Full House! If I ever learn how to spin records, I'm going to call myself DJ Tanner.