Monday, November 24, 2008

Coffee House Romance?

So I've been blabbing about this so called "perfect man" right? And I just began to wonder, I've been so miserable about men I don't even think I'd know what to do if I found a new one! Not to brag but I would consider myself pretty good at dating. I can juggle a few at a time, play the necessary mind games to lure them in, and even be an amazing monogamous five-year girlfriend that I was to Colby. Alas, I've been out of the game so long I fear that I may have lost my touch! And I have a coffee date tonight?! EEEEE!! :)

So, I met this guy at a bar on campus during senior night last week and have had a few drinks (maybe sometimes a few too many...) with him uptown a couple times since we've met. I've recently discovered that not only is he good looking, witty, sweet, and has an amazing accent that sounds British but is really Bostonian, he is THE LEAD SINGER IN A BAND! A good band at that, since of course I creeped them on their website. They sell his CDs at Newbury Comics! Ah! Did I ever mention it was always my dream to date a guy in a band and have him serenade me and write amazing lyrics about us??? Could I get any cornier...

Wish me luck tonight... I'll probably spill coffee all over him. Goodbye loverboy... SIGHHH


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