Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Home to me is reality, and all I need is something real

No coffee spilt. And nothing else will be spilt either ;)

So I have a room clean and one Urban Geography class at 1:00 standing in the way of me going home for Thanksgiving break until Sunday! AWESOME. I always look forward to going home and helping Mum prepare all the fixings and get the turkey ready and clean the house. You see, my mom? HATES Christmas. And almost every other holiday. I call her Scrooge. But for some reason she just loooves Thanksgiving! So I embrace her love for the holiday and good mood as much as I can.

So all of the typical characters come over for the feast of course. We always have Thanksgiving at my house, and I can't wait to have my 4 favorite F's: Football, Food, Friends, & Family, & Booze. (What? How'd that get in there?) My mom's family always comes but my dad's side generally does their own thing. I think it's my goal in life when I'm married with kids to have the biggest party for every holiday so EVERYONE can come and celebrate together... I hate being torn apart from my cousins because we all have separate destinations...

I guess I should stop procrastinating, wipe the sleepies out of the corners of my eyes (yeah, I just woke up... so if this doesn't make sense...), and pack up my room to go home! Happy Thanksgiving!


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DCD said...

I'm going to want the full report on the coffee date, BTW!

I hope you have a wonderful T-Day, Sugah!!!