Monday, November 24, 2008

Fresh start.

So here I am at 1am laying in bed watching some lame, low budget Hillary Duff movie, The Perfect Man, on TBS and despite it's awful story line which I'm having a hard time paying attention to, it got my gears going. What comprises the "PERFECT" man anyway? At one point in time, I'm pretty sure we've all thought ex-boyfriends were perfect [HA!] but look where they wound up... So where the hell can I find this perfect man? Is he even out there?

So, the perfect man is defined as... oh I don't know... charming, funny, sweet but asshole enough to keep you wanting more and not make him seem like a fool, shows up with flowers from time to time, calls you back when you hang up on him, good looking of course... Is there really any one person that has all it takes to keep you interested for the rest of your life?

After telling one of my male friends tonight that I was watching "The Perfect Man," I told him not to make fun of me since it described my life to a tee... finding a guy that I don't get sick of within a week He then tried to explain to me that there is no such thing as a perfect guy. There will always be some guy that I'll like watching TV with, or another I enjoy going to dinner with, or another guy I enjoy... well- you get the point. Could it be that there is NO such thing as the perfect guy? Maybe it's just a matter of seeing an imperfect perfectly...

Buona notte!

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DCD said...

It's not about finding a perfect guy, honey. Cause, no - there is not one. But lets face it, how boring would the perfect guy be anyway?

How about trying to find the perfect guy for you? But listen, ya gotta be realistic. There won't be anyone who will not piss you off sometimes or be less then you want him to be sometimes. The trick is to find the guy that you want to hang out with anyway. :)