Sunday, January 4, 2009

Winter break thus far, in photos..

So winter break has been pretty great. spent time @ the local bars and restaurants with my 3 best girls (above left to right: Julie, Michelle, Marissa, & myself).

Spent alot of time at D's with the kiddies :) here's Jake!

Had a few too many beers @ Stoneforge. (Riss, Tom, Me)

New Years Eve during a blizzard? No big deal. Still trekked to Boston to Andy's apartment with a pretty good crew, and the booze was anything but lacking...

(Above:) My best friend Alex and I ringing in the new year!

Josh, Jeremy and I!

So then I survived my hangover... Champagne was a bad choice, round 2. (You would think I would have learned after my 21st birthday that I had a lot of friends, but ANDRE is NOT one of them... Oops.)

Made my resolution of becoming more patient with people, life, and myself.

Yesterday Brian and I had 2nd row tickets to the Bruins game against Buffalooo! :D Peep these:

Warming up before the game.HD babyyySavard at faceoff.Speaking of too many beers... Brian and I haha
Milan Lucic a foot away from me<3

So that about sums it up so far. Football and Celts all day today... dinner and drinks with the gals tonight... and who knows what else. I need to go back to school and work... orrr maybe I'll just stay at home a little longer and keep livin' the dream... 8-)

<3 Jen

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DCD said...

Aw..Jake made the winter break pics! I love it!!