Monday, January 12, 2009

Silly organ... who needs YOU anywayyy!

So I've spent more time in the Morton Hospital ER this weekend than I have in my entire life and late last night found out that my mom had to have her appendix out! Gah. But the surgery went well and she's recovering! The surgeon thinks she'll be able to come home today, so she's just waiting to hear from him and I'll be going to pick her up. Definitely sleeping for the rest of today!!!

Saturday Brian and I went to the B's game and sat FRONT ROWWWW! Big upgrade from our second row seats :) hehe... He's been so great to me through out the whole Mum thing! <3

Time for a nap before picking up Mum! Night!


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Dana's Brain said...

Hey Sweetie - sorry not to catch this sooner. I hope Mom is home and comfy! <3 U!