Friday, December 19, 2008


So that's it. My last fall semester of college. Completed as of today! YESSSS. This was by far the hardest, yet best semester of my life. I think I got all A's. :)

Drove home tonight around 7 and went to the bar with Michelle and Britt. Raynham might not be Amherst, but as long as I have my girls, that's all that matters... and that's something I came to realize tonight. <3

I'm gonna miss everyone at school though for the next few weeks! Ah! I had a job interview at a day spa yesterday which seemed to go very well... hopefully I'll hear back from them soon. I need money!!!

Huge blizzard coming tomorrow? Kinda bummed since I was gonna go to Newport and or Boston for the night... we'll see what happens... but I am pretty excited to get snowed in and relax after the ridiculous past 2 weeks of school work. Hopefully my family doesn't drive me crazyyy! Hmm, maybe I'll get some hot chocolate and peppermint schnapps tomorrow morning before the flakes come... ;)

Hope everyone has a safe and fun snow day!

Ciao amici!

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DCD said...

Congratulations!! You made it.

I'll touch base with you soon about the end of next week. (!) I have so much to do it is freaking ridiculous!