Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Checking in, checking out, checking in, and certainly NOT checking back in HERE

"Jennifer lemme tell you this story... I had some guests staying at the L Hotel last night. At some ungodly hour, this guy was drunk and bipolar and started beating the shit out of the girl he was with and having a psychotic episode. He was arrested and then brought to the psych ward at the local hospital. The girl drove home to NY after this incident last night. They checked him out today because they couldn't keep him for insurance reasons w/e, but wouldn't allow him to drive himself home or release him on his own, so he had to have his father drive in from NY and then the girl that left last night took the crazy kids keys and they've been trying to get the car going all day and his keys are being overnighted to him and won't be here til the morning and they're looking for a cheap room for tonight... can you help them? like under a $100?"


let's look at this logically.

you want me to:
1.) sell a room for motel rates when we are selling at over $300 tonight
2.) put my guests in danger of being attacked by this guy ... we could be sued? no?
3.) myself in danger since I'm the only one working here

?? really ?? are you crazy too?

He may have been checking in and out of lots of places recently, but my Marriott shall not be one of them. Anddd this is why you're the VALET manager, not the HOTEL manager. Buenos noches, nutjobS. :-P


just making my way said...

Just...wow. That's a good one, honey. Of course he'd fit right in down here...

Monica said...

Wow really? Seriously? Freaky!

Good call by the way on not letting the guy stay at your place.

Julie said...

You should of told the hospital and police that there are laws that make it a medical emergency to keep actively psychotics patients in the hospital for at least 5 days. Idiots. His keys would have been here in time if they kept him like they were supposed to.

Dusty Hall said...

Yikes - what ended up happening? That's crazy that they'd let the guy go back and leave with the girl!