Sunday, August 16, 2009

where are you going? by dave mathews sung in my head

I'm currently blogging via blackberry on my train ride to work. Todays feature: china man. We'll call him cm for short.

Where are you always going, cm? I see you everyday with your plastic shopping bag filled with fruit for lunch and what looks like iced tea.

Cm and I always sit across from each other on the train of course. We both like the end sseat, and I like familiarity. Where do you get those newspapers writtwn in chinese? I like when you look down at your dirty black sneakers and I wonder if you're going to work or you just like your kicks the way they are?

Have a great day, cm. From your creepy watcher across the way on the red line<3


Dana's Brain said...

He's probably secretly hoping you lurve him.

Also - WTH is UP? I texted you yesterday and you never responded. *sigh* just another child leaving the nest....

Laggin said...

Public transit are the BEST places for people watching. I wish that was an option in my town.