Tuesday, July 14, 2009

If I had a million dollars...

If I had a million dollars... well, I wouldn't be making this wish list here on my blog. Ha.

So I've started my new job working for Marriott in Boston @ Copley Square and I absolutely love everything about it. The people, the location, the $$$... but I do not, however, love that I work with two men who are far more stylish than I am. Yes these two men are gay. And they are the most well dressed men I have ever seen. It's just fabulous!

Yesterday we were chatting about how now that I live in Boston, I need a few things...

*Blackberry cell
*Burberry hand bag
*Dolce and Gabanna sunglasses
etc etc

Normally, I am not a materialistic person at all. However, I wouldn't HATE all of the above? I mean who would, right? So now I find myself online browsing for all of these things.

So now I've got my new car<3, new job in the city<3 and the above things to come in the near future I think. In the fall or winter, Kaleigh and I are getting a place in Boston. Apartment: check! Then shortly after, I'm thinking of buying a dog. Life is falling into place<3

Then, on top of feeling on top of the world lately, my birthday weekend is coming up! This year will be different however. As a single newly legal 21 year old last summer, I hardly remember any of my birthday celebrations in Boston due to the large amounts of beers consumed that were bought by large amounts of men who didn't stand a chance at me remembering their name... or face for that matter. But this year, Josh is planning fun things for my birthday :) It's nice having a boyfriend again... He won't tell me what we are doing but I know that it's an all morning/afternoon plan with just him in the city, and then at night we're going out with my friends in town. Then he said not to make any plans on the day after my birthday, which I think smells like Red Sox tickets? ;) But who knows.

Brian just told me he has VIP tickets to Keith Urban and TAYLOR SWIFT the weekend after my birthday!!!!!!!!!! UMMMM...... EXCUSE ME WHILE I RUN AROUND SCREAMING IN EXCITEMENT.

...ok I'm done. Enough rambling. In short: life is good today.


Dana's Brain said...

Happy life is good day to you!

You really don't need any of those other things you know.

antiwinterrr said...

oh come on you know that made you crave the entire new Burberry fall collection ;)