Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tie dye that's to die for! :)


All you fellow bloggers: I know tie dye might seem a thing of the past, and believe me, I thought so too. Until my boyfriend finally converted me into the hippie that he is and now I'm absolutely in love with his work! He makes his own tie dyes pretty regularly and each batch usually includes a few for me :) (even pillowcases!)

Just wanted to post a link to his blog displaying some of his work:


If any of you are interested in buying tees or even pillowcases, he can make them whatever colors you choose and it's a great idea for kids too :)

Check it out! He'd really appreciate it!

Thanks bloggersssssss! Hope all is well.




Dana's Brain said...

You're turning into a hippie? Please let it be known that no patchouli is allowed in the office!

mdx3mom said...

Oh I remember the days when I made Tie Die everything and wore it everywhere. What a great idea for my to get my kids to do.

Tell the boyfriend thanks for being a hippie! And I did check his site out, so if he would be so kind and to blog some directions for an old womans brain to remember woudl be great.